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November 5th 2014

On November 5th, 2014, members of the legislative group once again appeared in Provincial Court in Regina, Saskatchewan with regard to two cases of illegal dispensing of contact lenses. 
Counsel for Vintage Vinyl appeared and entered a plea of guilty to a single charge of illegally dispensing contact lenses and were fined $500 plus, a second charge was withdrawn on the agreement they remove all contact lenses from their premises and not illegally dispense again.  
Halloween Alley also appeared and the case was adjourned for full disclosure and for plea at a later date. 

The guilty plea will be the colleges second conviction and leaves five cases  before the courts yet to be spoken to. Further charges will be forthcoming, and the college will continue to aggressively pursue and prosecute anyone found to be dispensing contact lenses illegally, that have failed to heed the colleges warning to stop their illegal activities.

October 20th 2014


October 10th 2014 

Paul Johnson, Assistant Registrar appeared on CTV Regina morning show to educate the public about the importance of contacting a licensed professional when buying cosmetic contact lenses. Click here to watch the video. 


February 20th 2014

Her Majesty the Queen vs Costume Emporium

On February 20th., 2014, members of the legislative group appeared in Provincial Court in Regina, Saskatchewan to argue charges laid against Costume Emporium for illegally dispensing contact lenses. Costume Emporium was convicted and a fined  levied for $1000 for a first offence, as a message to others illegally  dispensing, that the court views the illegal dispensing of contacts as a serious matter.

The ruling also clarified our legislation and supported the colleges position that all contacts whether or not containing a prescription fall under the provisions of the Opticians Act and must therefore be dispensed by a qualified trained and licensed individual. The SCO took the Judges ruling one step further by amending the regulations to clarify even further that the dispensing of contact lenses of any kind are regulated by the college.   

The Saskatchewan College of Opticians is an important part of the Saskatchewan Health Care circle of organizations. Being a College gives our members the professional respect they deserve. These changes will give us a much stronger and respected voice when dealing with government, and other organizations. As a College, our main focus will continue to be protecting the public interest. We will do this by ensuring that our membership abides by the Act, Bylaws and Standards of Practice and by continuing to ensure that our membership is properly educated.  

Our Act is available on line at 


Our Bylaws are available at


Amendments to our Bylaws can be found at




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December 15, 2014 |
Please note that the SCO office will be closed on Monday December 22nd and will reopen on Monday December 29th at 9am. If you need to contact us during this time, please email office@scoptic.ca

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November 06, 2014 |
The SCO office will be closed on Tuesday November 11th 2014 and will re-open at 9am on Monday November 17th 2014. If you would like to contact us during that time please email office@scoptic.ca

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